Your Work On Solid Ground

The cyber threat landscape is constantly evolving. Attacks from malicious actors occur daily and with increasing sophistication. In an age when every business is conducted digitally, cybersecurity is now one of the top business concerns. Protect your digital assets and ensure business continuity with a range of cybersecurity products and services.

Healthy Food
Small. Flexible. Protected.

Being considered easier targets, Small and Medium Businesses are being increasingly targeted by cybercriminals. With threats like ransomware being common, your growing company needs affordable ways to secure its systems and protect your data and the data of your customers.

Big. Robust. Immunized.

Being the recipients of targeted, sophisticated attacks, larger corporations require the means to protect their infrastructure from advanced threats and determined malicious actors. This includes internal threats as well as never-before-seen attacks.

Cyber security that scales

Affordable. Robust. Intelligent.

We offer a complete solution to securing your assets, with next-gen antivirus, ransomware protection, vulnerability assessment, patch management and more. Due to its modular nature, it can be tailored to meet the needs of your specific environment while keeping costs low. 

Cybersecurity and backup options

We also integrate data backup and disaster recovery into our Cyber Protect suite. Individual files or entire systems can be backed up to safeguard against system failure and facilitate rapid disaster recovery.

Autonomous Cyber-AI

“Thinking protection” instead of thinking about it. 

You cannot use rules-based systems in an unruly world. You can’t protect your cloud or emails against the exponential forces of human imagination and machine speed. You don’t use a rules-based AI system in an unsupervised world. We work past the perimeter with our partners to cover the entire digital estate (Cloud, SaaS, email, industrial). Not with “boxed” and supervised ML solutions. But with an entire immune system. Allowing your specialists and our teams to detect, investigate and respond in the blink of an eye.